Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Love This!

Last week, snuggled down together, we dug into Mountain Born by Elizabeth Yates. I read this book aloud a few years ago and we fell in love, this time through it is like meeting an old friend over a cup of coffee. As I read I stumbled upon a treasure forgotten. Nestled within the first chapter are words that help me keep things in perspective. As the Momma sits down, draws an infant lamb close and remembers her first days holding her newborn son and she reminds herself of this...

"Such a short way could she go with him on that path that was his life; only a few years she would have his hand in hers. For a few more years he would walk beside her; then he would be a man going his way alone,..." (a portion of a paragraph from page 7)

With their entire lives stretching out before them, we walk such a short path overall with our children, they spend more of their life out from under our roofs, than they do underneath them. A poignant reminder as sometimes the days tend to run together and it seems unending.

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  1. I had lunch with my son yesterday and it was so nice to just sit and laugh together.

    It doesn't happen often since he is so busy with classes, work, and marriage plans.

    A friend of mine was talking about her four boys who are all grown up and she told me she knew that was her goal but she's still surprised with them all gone!