Tuesday, January 31, 2012


OK so I LOVE pinterest. Every day we have DEAR time at our house. (Drop Everything And Read) It lasts for around an hour right after lunch time. For the first twenty minutes of mine I make a cup of coffee, grab a seat down and enjoy pinterest. I LOVE this twenty minutes. It never fails I always come away with some great ideas that I find myself excited to try. This idea that I am about to share, it came from pinterest. Unfortunately I did not note who originally posted this idea :( - but whoever did - they are a creative genius!

The original idea was for a classroom - they took a poster board and divided it up - the top one said something like on task, then warning, then consequence (I think it was lose recess), and then finally talk to Mom or Dad ... this is officially the 'ought oh' slot :). And then the teacher took clothes pins and wrote each students name on them - and clipped it to whatever section applied to that child at that time :). Genius visual!!!!!!!!!!

I loved it, but I needed to tweak it to work for us this is what I did :

1)I colored a poster board like a stop light : green (on task), yellow (warning), and red (consequence).

2)I took two clothes pins for each child and wrote their name on each one. If they are on task AWESOME. A reminder to say "great job, thumbs up". If they have a warning I clip their name to that and then if they have a consequence I clip their name there.

3)Then I took index cards and on one side I wrote up a one or two word description of the rule they broke (for example "listen" or "argue") and then on the back I wrote a one or two word description for the consequence (for example "time out" or "sentences"), cut them into strips, punched a hole in the end and tied a piece of yarn.

4) Then when they are getting a warning I hang the word onto the child's clothespin before I clip it to the warning section.

5)Then if they get a consequence I move the child's name to the consequence section.

(the reason I have two clothespins for each child is they can get a warning and a consequence at the same time. If they have a warning for listening and then deserve a consequence then I move their name to consequence but then if they argue while handing out the consequence they now have a warning for arguiing)

One last thing I have seen several times on pinterest that we have started using in our family is the acronym THINK (before you speak).

T - is it true?
H - is it helpful?
I - is it inspiring?
N - is it necessary?
K - is it kind?

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