Monday, January 30, 2012

Some Days

Some days I am tempted to feel so small. Insignificant.

I mess up. A LOT.

Sometimes the same mistakes too.

Some days are hard and long and seem pointless.

Some days seem like every attempt to move forward on something is met with ten steps back.

But then God.

In one moment, He will draw my attention away from myself and what I see and know and think and once again remind me "It is NOT about you, but about and for and because of Me".

Sometimes, like today, that reminder comes in the form of something lovely, but small and seemingly insignificant. A bird chirping beautifully and cheerily perched precariously on a naked tree branch. If that bird, sitting that high off of the ground, without leaves and flowers and grass lying out before it to give it a physical reminder of His faithfulness and provision, if something that small can sing with all that it is, why can't I? Does it trust and have faith that His hand will indeed cause the seed to spring forth and the buds to bloom and open and thus providing food, shelter, beauty and security? Or does it not even give thought to what comes next and instead being so captivated by His glory, bursts forth in song praising its Creator with everything that it has?

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