Friday, January 20, 2012


Five Minute Friday's from Gypsy Mama

Last week I noticed that a lot of people wrote Go and then Stop at the end to let the reader know when the five minutes began and they started writing and again when the time was up and they stopped. So I am going to do that this week...


Sometimes days and weeks will pass me by that are largely out of focus, fuzzy and almost shapeless as they drift by. How I can ever offer thankfulness for those things that I cannot even name or describe? It did not occur to me this morning what was different about the joy I counted yesterday until I saw the word that Gypsy Mama had chosen.


Yesterday our household was up before the crack of dawn. WAY before the crack of dawn. As I creaked open the lock and nudged the door open, a clear, cold, crisp morning greeted me. As I called "Have a good day and I love you" to my husband my words hung but a moment in the still quiteness as wisps of white - I could almost see my words, my breath as I uttered them. A great reminder that indeed our words do hang there in the air after we speak them, long after we speak them. As I padded down the driveway to gather a few things, I took in the sight around me. Eyes hungrily devoured each site, the bare trees with the rising sun turning them to an auburn gold, the cars with little tufts of smoke coming from behind them as they sat idly in the driveways trying to become warm. Birds twitting from branch to branch, cattle lowing in the background. It was GORGEOUS. I took a deep breath. And that is when I smelled it. Firewood. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the smell of firewood on a cold morning. It speaks of mornings of hot coffee and evenings of an old quilt on a comfy couch reading a great book. It speaks of toasty toes and sounds of crackling comfort.

I realized as I padded back up my driveway that I would have LOTS to count as thankfulness (A. Voskamp's idea to a 1000) and why? Why is this morning any different? Because of the way I vividly took in everything around me. The vivid sights, smells, touches, sounds - they speak of a Creator who creates vivid colors, vivid smells and senses made to revel in them.


*wouldn't you know it :) the one morning I write go and stop a little one needed help to get to the potty - so I paused my writing and my time, but I could have taken more than the five minutes. I have to grab whatever snidbits of time I can when finding time to write, so this is the best I could do :) Happy Friday!


  1. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED this. IT really spoke to me when you said our words hang in the air. WOW! I think this just might be life changing for me. I'm adding this post to my Soul Food section of my blog.

  2. This is such a beautiful model for me -- all that there is to take in a few simple moments. Stunning discoveries, gifts from Him. You make me feel that cold air on my skin, see the icy whiteness in the air! I want to see, too. Thank you.