Friday, February 17, 2012


I have seen lots of people do this, write a letter addressed to them, from them. I am going to do that for today's five minute Friday exercise.

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Dear Sunshine,

Sweet girl those children are growing up fast. They are changing and becoming young people every single day. God has a plan for them, a plan for their good and to give them a hope and a future. Sweet girl delight in them. Delight in their giggles, their tears, their triumphs and the accidental failures. Delight in their story that unfolds every single moment of the day. Don't get so caught up in a formula or teaching them how to do something that you forget this. Don't let another day pass without plunging in heart first and giggle with the sheer joy and miracle of being a Momma. Do not let another morning pass without striving to make it absolute amazingly awesome. After all you will never get this exact morning, when they are these exact ages ever again. Time stops for no one. So don't miss it. Delight in those precious little ones that are literally growing up right before your eyes. And while you are busy being a Momma and a wife do not forget the psalmist words, "delight yourself in Adonai". He is an unending, unshakable well of joy and delight. Dive in and drink deeply.

With the warmest of affections & love,


  1. Oh, I LOVE this! This is amazing! I've never come across this idea of writing to yourself.... write to God, to another, even my past self, but not me in the moment! You penned this letter beautifully and I found it speaking to my own heart and my own life. Also the reminder "delight yourself in Adonai" His love is so deep, so true, so absolute. Great post today!

  2. This is great. I recently did a post that was a letter to me at 18. I hadn't ever thought what I would tell myself right now.

    Such lovely words you have for you & your children.

    I pray God's blessing over you and your family.

  3. amen nice post...thanks for sharing your 5 minutes today..blessings

  4. Such truth...makes me sigh as I read your words of beauty. Enjoy them, in the chaos that is homeschooling and motherhood and life. It. Is. Amazing. Thank you for your perspective, for the love you have for your children which SHINES in this post, and for our God's Word, working in and through you. Thanks for sharing five minutes in your heart with the rest of us :)