Friday, February 24, 2012

Do I have grit? What is grit exactly?

Five Minute Friday - link and details HERE :)


Confession : I looked up the definition of grit this morning. :) I hear it used a LOT referring to the character of someone or referring to a huge mess :). I glance down at my sweat pants and t-shirt that have seen better days, my hair swept back into a pony tale and a face free of make-up and take stock. Do I have pluck? Do I have firmness of character? There were seasons in life when I put a lot of effort into my outward appearance but not so much in my inward character. I carry the shame of those memories even today. But what about now? The days of being knee deep in the trenches of motherhood require a lot of grit. A strength of character that will allow me to bend but not break, allow me to be on my knees and yet stand firm on the line that my husband and I have drawn. So while sometimes it is true you could use the descriptive word grit to describe the messes I make with seemingly little effort :), I would be honored if someday I over heard my children describe me as the type of Momma that parented with grit and love.



  1. I looked up grit too! I love the idea of "strength of character to bend but not break." Good phrasing. And yes motherhood needs grit. But my heart breaks when I meet kids whose parents don't know this. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Very well said! The days of being knee deep in the trenches of motherhood require a lot of grit. AGREED! I'm there with ya sister. I care what my outters look like sometimes (see my 5MF), but I rely on what my inners look like. My inners are my appearance to my Lover.