Wednesday, February 29, 2012

the light strained and stretched

bringing with its arching rays brand new hope for a new day. As I stretched I listened to the lilting music that stirred my soul (love, love, love The Lark Ascending by Ralph V. Williams) and rose quietly. I quickly dressed and squatted low to greet Tanner, I linked his leash and off we went into a cool, brisk morning. The trees were coming alive as birds sang. As I stood there I realized that our street was waking to a new day as well. Doors shutting, cars starting, voices muffled yet there, all evidence of His faithfulness, His fresh mercy. He again, faithfully brought the Sun up and peeled back the darkness.

For a moment I remembered. I remembered to slow and soak it all in. I remembered why I am home and what my purpose is. I often lose sight of this is the hurry and hustle bustle of busy days. I rush so much from one thing to the next that I lose sight of the bigger picture. But then Tanner was done and little ones were waking and a husband needed to be seen off and coffee was begging to be brewed (or more accurately my body was begging me to brew it :) ) and so the day began...

A moment ago, I walked passed a window that opens to our backyard I stopped and realized that here I am hurrying from working on memorizing the Declaration with one child to a read aloud with another child that we really need to get through. Two cups of coffee and a breakfast of cinnamon life cereal later, rushing and hurrying, scurrying from one chair to another trying to cram it all in. Why do I forget? Why am I so quick to waste the time instead of savoring it? It is as foolish as gulping a fragrant cup of hot coffee, missing the flavor and burning my mouth and throat. I do not do that, instead I slowly savor and sip and enjoy it to the last drop. Why do I not drink slowly of the moments? Living them fully out to the last drop?

So I begin again. I will try to remind myself to slowly walk, even through the hard moments and savor even those. Because when it is all said and done, this is my life. And it is beautiful and messy and wonderful and I want to live it out fully and completely. Not hurry through to the end. Because once it is over, there is no going back to re-do it.

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  1. So true!! I was just thinking along those same lines tonight.