Friday, February 3, 2012


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One word, five minutes...go




Depth, texture, somehow, someway I can embrace what is real. I can touch it, smell it, see it, hear it, and/or taste it. But sometimes it is just the effect or outer shell that I can touch, smell, see, hear, and/or taste. But does that make it any less real?

It exists.

The wind.

A human.

His Word.

The wind is real. But you cannot hold the essence of what it is. You cannot capture it to look at, see and hold it. You can harness it for power. You can see the leaves twitter, dance and twirl because of it. But you cannot hold wind in the palm of your hand to analyze it. Does this make it any less real?

A human. You can see and touch a humans outer shell and sometimes even their inner organs, but not the essence of who they are. Their spirit, their mind and heart and feelings and emotions and breath....all of that and more combines to make the person real. But you cannot hold the essence of life in your hand, look at with your eyes.

His Word. You see the letters on the page, you read the paragraphs that weave into history and stories and commands. You feel the effect on your life when you trust and follow. But the essence? You cannot scoop up the truth of God in the form of the words on the page and grasp it and hang it out and say "here it is". It is so much more than just some words weaved together. It is real. Alive. Active.


I wanted to say so much more. So many more thoughts are tumbling around this morning. :) I have written this in minute or second snidbits as life takes priority over words...even when the words want to come tumbling out without restraint.

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  1. yes - please write some more.... this is a beautiful post, such depth of wisdom and so well written. Thanks for your thoughts