Monday, February 6, 2012

today...or was it yesterday?

I read this:

Always be kinder than you feel like being.

And I realized that I need to stretch myself more.

Reach out of my comfort and feelings and pour into someone else's life thinking more of what they may be needing than what I feel like doing or not doing.

Because for someone today, this may be their worst day. Their whole world could have just been tipped upside down. Whether it is a day of sadness, frustration, or a situation that feels hopeless, one kind comment, one kind act, or that one extra effort to encourage them or be patient with them could lighten their load.

I had a baby that had chronic ear infections. It was raining like crazy one Spring day, I had been stood up at an appointment, sat in the doctor office lobby for longer than usual and was having a really bad day. I needed to stop on the way home to pick up yet another set of antibiotics. I reluctantly climbed out of the car realizing that I was ill prepared for the onslaught of rain. I wrapped a blanket around my baby girl as best as I could, trudged into the store, got the meds and trudged out. It was still raining. Some girl came running across the parking lot with her umbrella and shielded my baby and I (getting completely soaked herself) as I unlocked the car, tried to juggle the keys, the prescription and everything else. She stood there until I got my baby all buckled in and I thanked her over. She just smiled and turned to walk into the store. I sat there for a moment while the tears of joy and thanksgiving trickled down my cheeks. That one act of kindness had completely transformed my day.

I want to strive to do this for someone else. To be that kind, even when it inconveniences me, or stretches me or makes me reach out of my comfort zone.

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