Friday, March 23, 2012

as a parent

Five Minute Friday Gypsy Mama (Loud) -

start :

you will want quiet and they will be loud

you will need them to listen and they will want to talk

you will be exhausted and they will be wild

you will be serious and they will be silly

you will prepare a dinner and they will not be hungry...until you clean up the very last dish

your heart thought it knew what love was but then they took their first breath

you thought you knew how to pray until they run their first fever

you thought your time was your own until you brought them home from the hospital for the first time

you thought life was good until you realized they make it awesome

you thought you loved your husband until you see him hold them for the first time

you thought you knew that God had blessed you richly until you sit around the dinner table and see their beautiful happy faces looking back at you

as a parent you learn to live a life of love out loud and over the top and it is amazing


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