Friday, March 9, 2012


Five Minute Fridays from Gypsy Mama :)


Rooms once bursting to the seams with toys, books, laughter and sometimes tears now sit empty. I imagine eagerly awaiting their new occupants. Will the people who move in love and live the moments to the fullest? Will the walls hang art work and collect beauty? Will they roll over in the spring and lie quietly for just a moment to hear that gorgeous red cardinal perched at the top of the tallest tree that lines the very back of the yard? He seems to come every year. In the summer quiet will they hear the lowing of the cattle and the droning of the insects journeying to and fro? In the fall coolness will they gaze in wonder at the trees? In the crispness of winter will they walk outside one night and their breath catch at the beautiful starry night?

As I walk from one bedroom to the next, down the hallway into the kitchen remembering this and that my heart tugs just a bit at the empty space. It is too quiet. It beckons for life to spill forth and once again occupy its corners. I find myself praying. Praying over the people that will pad bare foot down the hall, may their steps bring peace and comfort to those around them. As I glance up at the walls, may the voices that carry and bounce speak words that inspire and encourage. As I make my way into the kitchen and look once more out into our backyard I ask God to richly bless them and may they know He is the giver of all things good.


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  1. Oh, there is such romance in an empty house. Whenever I am in one, I wonder at the stories the walls could tell if only they could.

    It's wonderful that you are praying for the future occupants. It is a gift for them that they may never know about until eternity.