Tuesday, April 17, 2012

the beauty of each moment

I have noticed something recently. We will have a string of hard days that will seem too heavy to bear for one reason or another. But right as we reach the breaking point where I think we cannot handle one more thing added to our load, the most beautiful, awesome day springs forth.

Today was one of those days.

The beauty of each moment dripped heavy like honey and sprawled forth before us. As I sit here tonight helping our children fall asleep my mind recounts the way their eyes sparkled and their giggles sounded. Gooney Bird Greene read aloud under the tree line on a blanket, the sounds of "the Lark Ascending" and the comfort of a favorite book during reading time. The last of our books arriving today for the next segment of school. Hot cinnamon coffee and cool cream, having my husband describe us a line of clowns when I asked him what it must look like when we get into and out of the car :). Reading a sweet message of encouragement my husband left unexpectedly and so sweetly for me to discover this morning. My sweet email friend that always knows what to say to either encourage me or take my mind off of what is weighing me down.

All of this and more, freely given from His hand just because. Beautiful.

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