Friday, April 20, 2012


Five Minute Friday Gypsy Mama



You and I make a great team.

You are the husband, I am the wife.

You are thoughtful, I am impulsive.

You are funny, I love to laugh.

You hate coffee, I LOVE it.

You watch adventures and science ficiton, I watch Anne of Green Gables and Pride & Prejudice.

You are steady and strong, I am flighty and love to start something SO much more than to finish it.

You see the absolute best in everyone and everything, I could whip out a report of the worse case scenario and how it might happen to us in three seconds flat.

You work out of the house, I work at home.

You work with adults, I work with children.

You are their Daddy, I am their Mommy.

You like to drive, I like to be the passenger.

You like Dr. Pepper, I like Coca-Cola.

You like to stay up late and sleep in, I like to go to sleep and wake up early.

You sum up what you have to say in three words or less, I say it in four hundred words or more.

You are consistent and I am not.

You are my very best friend, I am yours.



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