Friday, May 11, 2012

Identity...who am I?

Five Minute Friday from the Gypsy Mama...where we get to write for five minutes and not second guess ourselves :)


Who the heck am I?
My identity was knit together cell by cell. DNA strand by DNA strand. Who I am was shaped by Who made me and who He put into my life. My identity unfolded day by day. Sometimes helped along by joys, often scraped out through adversity, but always held in the comfort of His presence.

Who I am is a wife & momma that is deeply loved by her husband and children.
Who I am is someone who loves them so much that it is written over every inch of me, going deep, deep into my very fiber of being.
Who I am is a homeschool momma who is SO incredibly thankful for the freedom to homeschool, who thinks it is wonderful that there is a choice and realizes that homeschooling is not for everyone.
Who I am is a daughter, sister, & friend who sometimes mourns my mistakes, but who is conscious of my need to forgive and be forgiven.
Who I am is a thirty-five year old who is passionate about running & writing.
Who I am is an introverted, sometimes silly, always likes to have a book in my hand and a mug of coffee first thing in the morning woman.
Who I am is someone who loves my doggie, Anne of Green Gables and really, really likes Narnia and Pride & Prejudice.
Who I am is a dreamer who has had to mourn the death of many dreams and then who has had to let go of all of that and develop the discipline to see other dreams birthed and brought to fruition.
Who I am is spoken forth from Him and sustained simply because that is His will.
Who I am fleshed out by each choice I make - good or bad.
What a precious gift to be given by the Creator of the heavens and the earth.



  1. Happy Mother's Day Sunshine. Your post is beautiful.
    Keep running, and enjoy your weekend. Rosanne

  2. It is precious to have our identity molded and sculpted by His skillful hands! it is a precious gift!