Friday, May 25, 2012


Five Minute Friday Gypsy Mama


Eyes flutter open and I squint against the sudden assault of such bright light. Blinking, I rise to see who is beckoning me. I overslept my quiet time. Again. As my feet reach for the floor and my legs finally get the message that I want them to move in that direction I stumble over to the door and see a little one in tears. I lean down and gather her close. I take a deep breath and as she recounts to me in her half-sleepy voice and realize that here, standing between my arms is a golden opportunity. An opportunity to make her morning better, to help her feel safe, to let her know how cherished and special she is, and to let her know that it was just a dream. When she is done telling me how awful that dream was we march down the hallway together and open the last closet door and dump those grumpy, bad dreams inside and close the door quickly. Daddy will throw them out when he gets home from work. Leaning down again I dry the tears still fresh on her cheeks and bask in the huge smile she gives me. All of a sudden she turns and skips down the hallway to join her sisters in getting ready for the day. I make my way back to the bedroom and sit for a moment on the side of the bed. I resolve to make the most of every opportunity that is set before me today to make each of my children feel cherished and safe and full of joy. I try not to open the door to the thoughts of all the opportunities that I have missed, standing up I walk away before those thoughts take root. I gather my clothes for the day and head to the bathroom, my own huge smile lingering now. I am SO very blessed to have this day, these children, these opportunities.


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  1. Love this picture, this story of a seized opportunity. I also love that you made Daddy a hero. God bless you as you make the most of your opportunities.