Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Summer Schedule

Well this school year seems to be all but a blur when I gaze back upon it. On the one hand (with one of my children) we poured over the beginning of civilization and watched as life poured forth on each continent. On the other hand (with one of my other children) we studied the birth of America and were fascinated by all that took place before, during and after declaring our independence. The great voices that spoke from words jotted down hundreds of years ago captivated their attention and found its way into their play in the afternoons and evenings.
We struck out on a journey last fall to discover animals, habitats and how to find them on a world map and globe. Many afternoons were spent drilling math facts and grammar and reading great stories and scratching pencils across paper. Somehow all of that compiled together and I blinked and the school year is now over.

Summer has begun.

In looking for a summer schedule that will work for us, I came across this idea : summer schedule for kids. I thought it a great jumping off place for ideas on what to do this summer to make it special. One of my favorite blogs is Inpired To Action and a few weeks ago (?) she offered up her simple summer schedule. Kat (the blog author) always has AMAZING ideas, I highly recommend her blog. We have a list of things to do, water balloon fights in the backyard, sidewalk chalk, trips to the library...and a scrapbook page for each week of the summer to capture the memories made.

Ready or not summer, here we come!

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