Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What do you do when your life

does not line up with your ideals?
When your parenting
does not equal kids that do not squabble and scream and cry?
When you wonder
when it is all said and done, will they still like each other?

Well, for me, I find a quiet spot - any spot will do - mine is in our closet in our (parents) bedroom. I sit on a tiny chair that used to be the time out chair and I pull in for a minute. I put myself in a time out. I usually can only pray one prayer at that moment, "Please help us get through today and still like each other." Then I sit for a moment until I feel a bit calmer and I go out and one by one I pull them close. I love on them for a just a minute, I listen, I try to remember to pray quietly while they are telling me what is wrong and to bite my tongue to keep from trying to "fix it", and I just hug them close.

Then we do something that my husband started doing when our first one was barely walking. We would "shake it off" (do a silly dance) and start over. By the time they are done watching each other shake it off and then watch Mommy/Daddy shake it off, most if not all are dissolved into a puddle of giggles and ready to start over. We say a quick prayer and square our shoulders for a fresh start.

And then this morning?
This morning I go have my first cup of coffee after all of this has unfolded.

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