Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bible in 90 Days

Day One :
My children and I just read the book Life in the Great Ice Age and What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs...both written from creationist view points. It was really, really interesting to read those and then read Genesis. I am not really sure how to blog through this, but I am going to see what works. Last summer when I did this, I underlined the scriptures that jumped out at me, but I noticed that I came away with more questions than answers. So some posts will be full of questions and no answers and some will be filled with my opinion (which is completely fallible...I am not sure how many, if any people read this blog anyhow, but if you do read and you would like to offer your opinion/view point/understanding...please feel free to leave a comment)...with that said, here we go...

I love the creation story. I love hearing about how God created each and every animal, plant, man kind, the sun and stars...everything. Every single thing bears the mark of an amazingly talented and creative Creator.
As chapter four unfolds I am amazed at what God says to Cain after his offering was rejected. He asks questions of Cain and then tells Cain what he must do in order to choose the right way. Why did Cain not listen? How many times has God tried to do the same thing for me and I have rushed head long into sin and then fought its grasp upon my life and cried out "this is too much, the consequence too hard"? As the words continue to stream across the page and I read about each person/family that walked the earth I am always amazed when I reach this point in my reading :
Chapter 6 verse 9:
This is the account of Noah:
Noah was a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time, and he walked with God.

How hard would that have been? To have been blameless among the men of your time, righteous and walking with God? Talk about walking against the tide and not fitting in.

Later on at the end of chapter 9 when Noah is speaking over his son's lives I am for the first time reminded how much a parent's words effect their children's lives - is it still that way? Do our words over their lives carry as much weight and importance as it did in ancient biblical time? More on this later in Genesis. I am going to let day one rest here and pick back up in Chapter 17 for day two.

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