Monday, June 4, 2012

Day Two and Day Three

Day Two
One of my favorite parts is when Abraham's servant goes in search for a wife for Isaac. He prays this prayer to God when he is by the well outside the town. He comes up with an idea for knowing exactly who to pick for Isaac and then it says this :
"Before he was finished praying..." and then God proceeds to fulfill his request down to the detail. I LOVE that part. I often wonder if "O LORD, God of my master Abraham " (vs. 12) now became "O LORD, my God"?

Do I often pray O LORD, God of my friend ____________ or God of my parent/sister/famous author etc;? Or do I pray as if He is my God? Do I pray with an awareness that it is not so much about what I ask of Him but how much I get to know Him, seeing His holiness, His complete knowledge and control over the smallest of details?

Day Three
This day and the story that unfolds is messy. I am so glad (if I put myself in Jacob's shoes) that there is the reassurance of God's promise to Jacob, to not leave him at all until He is done with him. Despite how much he messed up (and there was a lot of mess up) and despite how others struck out and hurt him (and a lot of hurt was contained in these chapters) God never, not once, failed to do and be all that He said He would. From the moment this selection began in chapter 29 until it leaves us in the middle of Joseph's story in chapter 40 Jacob is tricked and ends up marrying two sisters, wrestles with God, faces Esau again, had a daughter raped and then sons that avenged her, had Joseph, lost Joseph, and his son's scandals (one slept with his concubine and another had the scandal with Tamar). So after reading all that and the going back and reading this : "I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go and I will bring you back to this land" - I wonder how often Jacob pondered these very thoughts trudging through his darkest nights? How often he hung his head in defeat and uttered, not because of me, but because of God this covenant will hold?

God is faithful and just because He cannot be anything else other than fully Himself.

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