Friday, June 8, 2012


Five Minute Friday Gypsy Mama

It was a gloriously gorgeous summer morning. Perched on the top of the wrap around porch Jenny swung her legs back and forth and she waited expectantly. Her brother and his best friend were returning from active duty today. Her Dad had gone to pick them up. Knowing this had been their toughest deployment so far, they had all agreed around the dinner table that it would be best if Dad went by himself. The excitement and nervous expectation had hung in the air for the past few days. Jenny could hardly believe the day was finally here.

Clutching the coffee mug a bit closer, nursing the heat into her cool hands her stomach fluttered nervously. She had no idea what to expect. Her mouth ran dry just at the thought of how much her big brother Jake must have changed. Would he be the same guy? The same guy that used to throw water balloons with a near perfect aim? Would he still sit out here with her later in the summer having one of those talks that stretched into the long, hot summer nights? More questions bubbled to the top, but jumping up, Jenny decided to call Katie and see if she was up for a run. Their running sessions were theraputic. They talked and prayed and laughed and ran. Besides their weekly jaunts to the local coffee shop, running with Katie was Jenny's favorite thing to do. Peeling her eyes off of the end of her street, she stood up and made her way inside. She grabbed her phone as she plunked the mug down in the stainless steel sink and rinsed it.


I decided to do something different. I have four characters floating around in my head. Sometimes their stories fill my dreams and most times my free I decided to spill some ink on them here. This is a very rough draft, just getting a feel for how it would unfold.

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