Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Friendship, the deep abiding friendship between women, has eluded me most of my adult life. I tend not to fit in for various reasons and have never been big on the whole clique scene. It is not for lack of trying, but since we moved here about five or six years ago, it has been an uphill battle to make and keep friends. We moved to a new neighborhood recently and even going for walks and trying to meet people and say hello, even then sometimes it has not gone so well. Sometimes we get a polite nod as they turn and go back inside but sometimes not even that. Some of the people we have met have glared at us or stared back saying nothing, but no one has seemed interested in extending the gift of friendship.

Today was a hard day. I was willing to be vulnerable and reach out to someone only to be rejected. (which in all fairness was probably not at all meant to be taken personally, but still stung) By the time my husband got home I was in tears and felt totally and completely alone. I whispered a prayer that said something to the effect of, "Now would be a REALLY nice time for You to give me that friend that I have been asking for, even just someone to say hi back would be awesome"

After we finished dinner we went for a walk, this time I left our doggie home having walked him a bit earlier and we decided to walk a slightly different route than we do at night time. As we were getting ready to cross the road I heard a few kids excitedly saying "hi, hi, hi" and I smiled because I thought only our kiddos did that :). This mom walks out of her house and was SO incredibly friendly. We stood and chatted for a few minutes - I kept thinking WOW God answered!!!!!!!!!!! Come to find out she is usually putting her kids to bed at this time, but they would just not go to sleep tonight, so she thought a quick walk was in order. We exchanged names and told her where we lived and I don't know for sure, but I think I might have just made a new friend!!!!

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