Friday, June 1, 2012


Five Minute Friday - Gypsy Mama


The coolness of the morning is quickly wearing off as the sun streams through the tree lined streets. Mostly quiet except for the continual chatter that is occasionally punctuated with a belly tickling giggle we make our way through the streets on our morning walk. Walking with children is a whole new concept of going on a walk. You see things that you would not have noticed before, the chubby rolly poly making its way down the sidewalk, a small purple bloom nestled under some shrubs, and a squirrel scampering up a tree trunk. You hear things you would not have heard before, the rumble of a car coming far off, the sweet tweeting of a nest of baby birds over head, and the bounce of a ball a few driveways down.

Yesterday when we got home from our walk I sat in my chair and I thought about what had just happened. How much I would have missed and how much I continually learn from my children. I started asking myself - what happened when I grew up? Is it the taller I have gotten the less I see? The older I have become the poorer I listen? Why am I always in such a hurry? What exactly am I hurrying to or from? What is more important that this very moment that I would be willing to squander it by rushing through so fast that I do not take the time to see the beauty that He has tucked into every nook and cranny? Why does it seem so impossible to just slow down and yes stop to see that bloom or watch that chubby rolly poly or admire that intricately woven spider web? How many early summer mornings will I have the joy and privilege to do just that with my children? How do I expect them to cultivate a heart for beauty if I don't slow down long enough to do it myself?


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