Friday, July 20, 2012


Five Minute Friday Gypsy Mama (Lisa-Jo Baker)


Has He ever not been enough?

Most of us live lives that are so cluttered with so much - so much stuff, so much social activities, so much church activities, so much movies, books, food, yummy coffee drinks....that we forget that He alone is enough. Very, very few of us have ever been stripped down to Him and Him alone.

All of us though are headed for one end scenario. Life ends in death. We will, like Job, realize at one point or another that naked we came into this world, naked we will leave it, BLESSED BE HIS NAME. At that point, when we take our last breath here and we stand bare souled before Him there will not be any clutter to cling to. What will that be like? What will that feel like? Will we realize that we missed the entire point? We missed the fact that He was, He is, and He will be every thing to us? Enough grace, enough love, enough patience, enough kindness, enough physical provision....enough of every single thing we have ever, do currently, or will ever need?

What if we live through being stripped down before we die? What if we lose everything - money, family, friends, food, shelter...every thing that this world tells us is vital to survive? Every thing that we hold so close and so dear to our hearts? What then? What if we do not survive it? Is that the measuring stick we should use? He was enough because I made it through? I am not so sure, because for all of us there will come a time when we do not make it through something. Time ends for everyone, so it cannot be the measuring stick of His faithfulness. It has to be deeper. Richer. It has to be that no matter what happens - no matter the violence of the storm that clamors against us, overwhelms us, or takes us down, He is that light house in the middle of it that we can cling to. He is unmovable, unshakable, unending. He is enough.


I have been thinking lately, hearing stories of those that are going through unimaginable grief, poverty, sadness, difficulties that seem to multiply each day - I have been wondering why does God allow it? Where is He when we pray for Him to swoop in to save the day? To bring the rainbow and the sunshine and to sweep away the storm clouds? As I was writing this morning I realized I have been asking the wrong questions. Maybe using the wrong measuring stick. Maybe it isn't only about making it through. Maybe it is simply about learning that no matter what - death, disease, poverty, suffering, every horrible thing we fear - that no matter what happens we CANNOT be separated from His love. That the knowledge that He is right there, right with you, every breath and every tear, He is there. Holding us. Carrying us. Even, or especially when we do not feel it to be true. I cannot remind myself of this enough.

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  1. I know what you are saying - how it really all depends on the focus in our hearts. Thank you for sharing this today! It reminded me of a sermon from a couple of years ago - if you have the time it might help... Hope His love wraps you up this weekend in whatever lies in front of you

    Marissa @