Thursday, July 12, 2012

note to self

There are instances in which your dog is smarter than you.

For example : last night I went on my nightly walk the doggie venture. There is a drainage ditch near where we live, it is usually dry and we have not lived here very long, so I did not realize that when there is water and it mixes with the sand and dirt that occupy the bottom of the ditch, the water becomes like ice. One minute you are standing, the other you make a HUGE splash as you land on your side now covered in mud and grime and generally yucky stuff.

Here is the deal though, Tanner did not want to walk through the water. I thought it would be a nice cool off puddle for him to cool his paws after walking on the hot road. UMMM no. He very smartly avoided the puddle and proceeded to glare at me when I accidentally splashed mud all over him too. *sigh* it was truly humbly to walk home dripping leaves, mud, and brown water. My children gasped when I walked in the door, eyes huge, wanting to know WHAT did I do? I was asking myself the same question.

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