Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Thank You's

The summer sun slowly rises and as it does the rays lazily stretch across our backyard. The mix of brown and green colors of the grass become more apparent and the birds songs more active as they flit from branch to branch. The squirrel, now wary of venturing into our yard, sits in the neighbors twitching nervously, watching for Tanner to be put back inside so he can visit the bird feeder. He will be sorely disappointed because I forgot to refill it. A wind gently rustles through the trees stirring the leaves just a bit.

Oh how I long for fall. I long to go on a cool morning run, to actually need the mug of coffee to keep my hands warm, and to feel the delicious bite of a fall morning. But to long for it too much would be to miss the beauty of today. Already when I walked Tanner last night I noticed the Cicada's are not as loud as they were a few weeks ago. So with the morning in full swing I glance out the window and watch a bird chasing an insect of some kind, two dragonfly's playing tag across the yard, and notice that the humming bird I prayed God would bring us has been here, because the feeder is finally showing a lower liquid level.

Deep breath in, deep breath out.
Pure grace.

Today, I encourage you to stop and look around. Take a deep breath - smell that smell of summer? Smell the heat on the pavement and the smell of fresh cut grass? Or maybe in your neck of the woods there is the pitter patter of rain? Gently rolling thunder? Hot sand squished between your toes? Today, someone, somewhere did not wake up to that smell, those sights, and these feelings. This is a gift. Let's not forget to open it and say THANK YOU SO MUCH to the One who gave them. Count the ways that He loves you - take Ann Voskamp's challenge to count to a 1000 a beyond. Your life will become so rich and vibrant and you will become SO aware of God and His grace that He continually pours out on us that it will blow you away.

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