Sunday, August 19, 2012

a few of my favorite things

This has been a difficult weekend on many different levels. The topping on the cake was one of my children throwing up everywhere this morning. It oddly seemed fitting to end the weekend that way. However, even with all that has seemingly gone wrong, there have been some favorite moments...

Getting out for a run yesterday, feet pounding the sidewalks, wind in my face, Adele singing in my ears, sun filtering through the leaves. There is something so awesome about running in the middle of a difficult day.

Listening to Rico Cortes teach through I Tunes.

Sipping hot, fragrant coffee.

Enjoying a cloudy, rainy, cooler day.

Picking up the house plants to bring back inside after the rain storm and having the foliage drip water all over my arms.

Reading a good, short book on my kindle that I found for free as I helped my kiddos go to sleep.

Walking my doggie, I swear he smiles as he prances down the street.

Having my youngest crawl in next to me this morning and squish my face between her little hands and squish her nose right into mine. I opened my eyes and just stared at hers filled with joy.

Buying more bird seed to refill the empty bird feeders today.

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