Thursday, August 23, 2012

I blink my sleep heavy eyes and squint at the calendar. Is today truly already Thursday? How did that happen? I think over our week so far and wonder, does what we have accomplished tell the same story? That it could be Thursday and we have something to show for that?

I squirm in my seat.

The list of chores stacking up, boxes still stacked left unpacked for now, note cards scattered across the table, pen left uncapped. Yeah it is messy enough for it to be Thursday. I glance at the turn in box for school work, chubby, barely holding on to a few of those pages. OK apparently we have not just been treading water this week. Grabbing my coffee in one hand, my to do list in the other, I stand up and make my way to my desk. *sigh* what a mountain of effort it will take to clear a small space to work from. There are books the kiddos have tossed there, their memory cards piled half hazardly tipping over precariously towards the point of no return (behind the desk), pencils, grips and erasers scattered EVERY where (what happened?) sticky notes, blank index cards, OH there is the library book I have been looking for. I know some other important things are buried under there, like our school plan for the day...

I stand there wondering how exactly everything a) ended up on my desk and b) stays there without just collapsing to the floor.

I take a big drink of my coffee, scoot my chair out (away from the leaning tower of disaster), plop down and settle my to do list on my lap. I lean forward and carefully take a pen off and briefly consider that that pen may have been what was holding that whole thing up, breathe a sigh of relief when nothing teeters or totters. CLEAN OFF DESK I scrawl on the top of the list. READ DAY 47 is next. Realistically READ DAY 47 should be first, but I do believe my check off sheet is somewhere under there. I seem to remember thinking if I laid it down there yesterday it would be a good idea.

Yeah today is Thursday.

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