Tuesday, August 21, 2012

idea to learn time

Yesterday one of my kiddos kept getting stumped on a math time worksheet. So I took a file folder and spread it open (just the vanilla/beige colored ones) and drew a clock on the inside. Then I wrote one through twelve on the clock. I cut up paper for the minutes (I actually used laminated sentence strips) and wrote with permanent marker the minutes :00 - :55. I did this so that they are able to be laid over the numbers of the clock, or beside them, or on top of them etc; so that they will have a visual reminder of each number on the clock represents five minutes of time. On the back of each minute section I wrote anything that that time could be referred to. Example: on the back of the :30 one I wrote thirty after is also half passed, thirty minutes till top of the hour etc; Then I cut one long hand and one short hand - labeled the long one minutes and short one hours. Then we laid the folder flat and went exploring around the clock. On the back of the folder I put a sticky pocket to keep all of the pieces in and now we have a portable tool to take and work anywhere with us. Hope this helps someone else besides us!

PS and if you use sentence strips that are laminated, go ahead and cut a second one up the same size as the first ones, but don't label those. Once your kiddo gets a good handle on things, start putting blank ones in every so often and have them use a dry erase and label them (would work for the minutes or cover the hour and have them write the correct number that would appear on the clock).

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