Friday, September 21, 2012

Five Minute Friday

Lisa-Jo Baker's Amazing Five Minute Friday


This morning I sit at my darkened kitchen table. The sun has yet to peek over the horizon of trees and houses on our street. The day lays before me wide open, stretched clean and ready for us to paint across the canvas of hours. I have my planner at my left elbow and my steaming mug of pike's place roast at my right.

As I type I am thinking of today's word, wide. I googled that word and the Bible verse that had sprung to mind as soon as I read today's five minute writing prompt. Psalm 81 vs 10 it is. Where God asks us to open our mouths wide for He wants to fill it with good things.

How many days have I stubbornly clamped my mouth shut so tightly that my muscles ache? Held captive by fear and unbelief. I have struggled to trust God, truly and completely rest in His goodness. Because sometimes things do not feel so good. My feelings are my greatest assets and my greatest adversaries. They have spurred me on to do great things but have held me captive far too often. I trip over my fear, stumble over my selfishness, and fall face first into the sticky, yucky, goo of unbelief.

But today, today is a new day. Another gift. Another chance, a day wide open for us to place our hand in His and soar.