Friday, October 26, 2012

Five Minute Friday

Lisa-Jo Baker Five Minute Friday


My voice is but a drip in the ocean of humanity.  Nothing I say is ever earth shattering.  My words will be long forgotten after I have taken my last breath here on earth.  By everyone except those who matter most.  My children, my husband and God.  My children, whether they like it or not, will carry bits of me into their parenting.  Therefore as I speak to them I also speak to future generations.  My husband is carried along and shaped by the words I speak to him and in the tone of voice that I speak to him in.  Simply because we spend so much time together, how I talk to him affects how he talks to others. (and the reverse is true as well) 

If knowing both of those are not enough to give me pause before I open the flood gates of my mouth, then this surely is. 

Matthew 12:36.  God doesn't forget.

And while my voice may not be earth shattering to the masses, I still need to speak with care, because even a drip can leave a lasting echo.



  1. I love your first & last sentences! "My voice is but a drip in the ocean of humanity.” “...even a drip can leave a lasting echo.” Poetry. Love this, thank you! (visiting from Lisa-Jo)

  2. I loved this bit, "...not enough to give me pause before I open the flood gates of my mouth...". What a great reminder that our words do indeed carry much weight for those who truly matter. I really enjoyed your writing here! Stopping by from Five Minute Friday.