Friday, October 12, 2012

Run Your Race

Five Minute Friday Lisa-Jo Baker


Feet pounding a rhythm on the pavement, breath coming in heavy gasps I make my way through this race called life.  I have no idea why I am always in such a hurry, because the end in the same for everyone.  Death.  That thought brings me up short.  This summer I have heard tale of several people around my age that have lost their lives unexpectedly.  Were they ready?  Even for the surprise, abrupt ending to their race, were they ready?  Would I be?  Or would I trip and fall head long into it because I am so busy looking around me or behind me?

As I ponder this thought, I realize that I wonder off my path too much.  I stop and allow myself to get distracted.  I peer back to see what everyone else is doing.  Are they running as hard, or walking lightly or maybe even skipping down this path of life?  Does it really matter?

I won't be asked for an account of how everyone else ran their race, just me.  I want to be able to say, "Sir, I ran with everything in me.  I gave it my all.  See that section there, those years you assigned me the race of stay at home mom?  Those are the years I sweat it out in private, those are the years that I poured out who I am into making them who they are.  Those are the years that I spent telling my children who You are."  But if I am so busy trying to run like someone else or match my race to theirs, I will not be able to say that.



  1. Lovely. You have really captured us all - the human spirit, with our propensity to look every which way at others instead of ahead at the road curving in front, the beauty along the path, or the smile of someone who is matching our stride for awhile. Makes me think you have some special running moments before you because you are intent to see them. Thanks for sharing this. Visiting from FMF.