Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Why do I bemoan the boring days of monotony?  By the time this week is over we will have been to the pharmacy seven times and have visited the doctor/dentist office eight times since last Sunday.  I have seen enough waiting rooms to last me MONTHS.  I am ready for a boring, old, monotonous day that follows the schedule to a 't'.  Most of these appts were scheduled, but a few snuck up on us unexpectedly.  And we just found out we have to add in an orthodontist for one of our children on top of all of the other doctors we see, but what is one more on board with the five other ones that we see now?  It could be worse, I am well aware of that, its just that after having weeks piled with appts, I am more conscious of the gift of quiet, the gift of monotony and the gift of boring.  I realize how silly I am to take those days, the days of scheduled activities and school assignments, for granted. 

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