Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

There are a few "go to" blogs that I read when I need a reminder or a pick me up.  Reminding me of what is most important and why I am doing what I do.  These women write with such talent that it is staggering, their words and thoughts drip with encouragement, the kind that is ooey-gooey and sinks down into who you are.  It sticks to your thoughts, your words, your actions.  They have such grace, been given such gifts and choose to bless others with them...inspiring!

Coffee Tea Books & Me - such a sweet, sweet heart
A Holy Experience - truly one of my favorite people (I do not know her personally, but after reading her beautiful words, I feel like I do :) )
I Take Joy - Sally Clarkson is such an encouragement for moms.  Sometimes I feel a bit intimidated because I fall so short of the ideals that she speaks and teaches about (the ideals are amazingly awesome).  But I never feel shamed for my short comings, just encouraged to get back up and try again!
Inspired to Action - LOVE this blog, such awesome ideas
Cottage Thoughts - sweet, sweet momma heart
Embracing my Cup - sweet, sweet momma heart
Kingdown Twindom - sweet, sweet momma heart

But by far my very favorite of all is Sarah Clarkson.  This young lady has a way of writing that is captivating.  I have a few posts bookmarked that she has written over the years that I go back to again and again.  The last two posts that she has written, well I do not have words to do them justice, they are incredible.  If you find yourself a little overwhelmed this holiday weekend or with pockets of quiet that you need something soothing to fill them with, please take the time to read her words. 

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  1. Oh, I agree about the lovely Sarah! She is such a talented writer.

    One of my favorite memories is spending an autumn afternoon in a quaint Connecticut village with my daughter, Sarah, and two of my grandchildren as we spent time at a coffee shop and walked through a park with colored leaves and then spent an hour at a dust filled old book store. A little bit of Heaven on earth.

    I don't comment much but I do READ your beautiful writing. :)