Friday, November 23, 2012


Five Minute Friday Lisa-Jo Baker


If I could have a minute to say one thing to You, I used to think I would ask you why.  Why things have to hurt, why some people have to struggle, why Your Son had to die.  But now after life has unfolded a bit more I think I would like to fall down at Your feet and whisper one thing.

Thank you.

May my laughter ring with it, my tears cry out to you.
Thank You.

Thank You for life.  For breath.  For forgiveness.  For grace.

May the trees scream with it, the grass ripple with it.
Thank You.

Thank You for the rain, the sun, the gentle breeze and the gale force winds.

May my thoughts dwell on it, my heart hold on to it.
Thank You.

Thank You for the sleepless nights, the tissues that wipe, and the arms that hold.

May the birds sing it, the leaves dance it.
Thank You.

Thank You for the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat.

May our very beings cry out in complete and utter abandonment.  You are worthy.  Worthy of the whisper, worthy of the shout, worthy of the song and worthy of the dance.  You are worthy of all we have and more. 



  1. Dearest Sunshine...this is a wonderful post meditating on our Lord who is Worthy. Thank you for sharing and letting your readers join you in crying Thank You!

  2. I loved how you started this... We think we want to know why... but really, once in His presence, all we can do is fall on our faces, praise and say thank you over and over and over...

    Wonderful 5 minute post today.