Wednesday, December 5, 2012

taking for granted the time

I think one of the greatest challenges of homeschooling is learning not to take the days for granted.  Sometimes it can become routine - so much so - that I run the risk of not living each day to the fullest, thinking that we can get to that tomorrow.  Mostly the "that" I am thinking of is the fun extra.  We have so much to cover and with three (yes I know some of the bigger families are rolling their eyes at me right now :) ) but with three in different grade levels, well the last thing I want to do at three or four o'clock in the afternoon is a tea time and poetry, or to build a quilt tent in the living room so we can read aloud under it, or to light a candle and make some hot cocoa for that last math page or that last read aloud.  At that point I 

But as I sit here in the very early morning quiet of my house I realize how quickly they are growing up.  They won't always want to build that quilt tent, they won't always think hot cocoa is the best.thing.ever.  They won't always be so young.  Just since last year their growth has been astounding.  I cannot lose the magic of everyday under the weight of responsibilities to get done.  So today I write this post to remind me to enjoy them.  To slow down.  To breathe in the moment and exhale with joy.  These days won't last forever, why not drink deeply, so deeply that I savor it until the very last drop?

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