Sunday, February 24, 2013

coffee, kindness, and schedules...

Well we are almost to March 1st, ACK, that is hard to believe.  I have found a rhythm/routine that seems to be working for us in school.  I hesitate to mention it because that seems to be the point that everything nose dives...but we have several weeks under our belts, and even on the worst of days, this schedule seems to be what we need right now.  I was introduced a few years ago to the concept of Morning Time.  I found a blog (I think through Ann Voskamp's blog A Holy Experience?  The blog I found is called Morning Time Moms).  I went back to the first post and read through her explanation several times, tweaked it a bit to fit us...and the result has been wonderful.  We have gathered at our dining room table and methodically worked through a list of stuff together each and every morning.  Then in the afternoons I work one on one with each child while the others have folders of things to complete on their own.  I have also been using our handheld recorder a LOT for when they are working by themselves.  The littlest one who is just in the beginning stages of reading uses it for directions - she can play/re-play it as many times as she needs to.  Just plug in their headphones and off they go.  Of course the cutest days are when I go to check the recorder and find they have left their own little songs and such on it :).

I am drinking a hot cup of coffee right now in my snowman mug that my husband bought me this year.  It is a yummy cup of coffee, although almost gone right now, the cup just makes me smile.

I am starting something, and I would like to use this blog as an accountability tool of sorts.  I want to begin to do a 100 days of random acts of kindness for my children and my husband without telling them what I am doing.  Everyday I would like to blog a short sentence of what I did that day, I have spent weeks gathering ideas from various websties and blogs, so most of the ideas I choose will not be my own, I have just tweaked them to fit my husband and children's individual personalities.  I suspect at the end of the 100 days the person most changed, most affected by this, will be me.  I expect God will use the next 100 days to teach me how to become a more encouraging, a more kind, and a more willing servant.  Because if I am honest my number one battle begins and ends with selfishness. 

Day One: Today I printed out a sign I found "P.S. I love you" and I decorated the picture with all of the things I love about each of them. 

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