Thursday, March 21, 2013

What has helped us....

for those pesky math facts.

At one point or another all of my children have or are struggling to memorize their math facts.  For the list of major wars we are memorizing we came up with a fun little chant, for the US Presidents I came up with the silliest song to known to man...but for math facts we have tried a cd of math fact songs, flashcards, etc; and still they struggled. 

So we came up with a comprehensive review - this is what we do and it seems to be helping...a lot:

Sometime throughout the day my children see them and say them (flashcards), listen to them (cd of math facts) and then they do them - on Monday they do a worksheet (usually timed to build speed), Tuesday they use math blocks and build the math facts, Wednesday they cut and paste, Thursday they use the dry erase board and our magnetic numbers, and on Friday they use the dry erase place mat we have.  This is in addition to other math that they are learning, but until they nail down their math facts...whether or not it is just adding and subtracting, or it is their multiplication and division facts...they need them.  It is the foundation they will build on and it needs to be solid and strong.

Using all of the learning channels, visual, kinesthetic/tactile, audio, and written (would that be kinesthetic/tactile too?!?) - it really seems to solidify what they need.  So I hope this helps someone else.  Have a great day!

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