Friday, April 26, 2013

Hello Mornings!

I discovered the Inspired to Action blog a while ago, maybe a year or two?  Anyhow, I immediately signed up for Kat's emails and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them.  I stumbled across her free ebook (maximize your mornings) and when I read her goal was to stop getting up to her children and instead get up for them, it was like something clicked for me. 

I knew I wanted that. 

So, I tried waking up at a set time here and there and it was more hit than miss in the beginning.   But on the mornings that I was able to do it, to get up ahead of my children, our day was SO much better.  It was unreal what a difference that simple step made.  But the problem was I just could not (or if I am honest...would not) get to bed in enough time to get up consistently each day.  Life was (and continues to in some ways to) spiraling out of control and so I made the decision at the end of March that no matter what I would get up by 6:45 am (I am slowly moving my wake-up time back, my goal is 6:00 am) every.single.morning.  My husband has been my accountability partner.  It has literally been my sanity to have the mornings.  I get up, start my coffee, do some simple exercises, read my Bible (trying to be more consistent in this), light my candle, write, and check Amazon Kindle Free Books.  I review my daily plan for school and slowly sip my coffee and eat my nutz over chocolate energy bar.  I love it.  I have only missed three mornings (each set of circumstance being completely out of my control and required grace) and although I am not consistent in my routine, I am feeling wonderful about the habit I have made.

My goal for this Hello Mornings! is to conquer my routine and be consistent about it.  I am not on twitter or facebook, so I will post a weekly update on my blog (each Friday).  My sweet husband has agreed to continue to be my daily email accountablity partner :).  I love him because no matter what he gets behind me and encourages me...even when I have start over repeatedly, he is still there cheering me on!   


  1. Good job on meeting our commitment! I work at home, so I'm trying to change from working first to Bible time/journaling first, then work, before the children wake up and I'm distracted. One week in and I'm SO glad I made the change! :)

  2. What a blessing to have your hubbie encouraging you in this way!

    And, you-go-girl for taking this on without a group. We've had email groups in the past, but they have just not worked out well. Some have created a "dummie" Facebook account to be a part of a group. They get email notifications from the group. Something to consider.

    Thanks for sharing about the challenge!!