Wednesday, May 29, 2013

a gift

This morning I unwrapped a gorgeous gift.  I signed up some years ago to get this blogger's posts in my inbox (Lanier's Books) and have savored each and every one that has popped up.  Kinda like that piece of rich chocolate that is so good you have no choice but to close your eyes in blissful surrender as it melts and covers every single inch of your tastebuds with such an explosion of wonder and yummy goodness.  When she writes, it inspires me to be more, grasp for more, ask more of myself.  It makes me look to God and see the wonder and the beauty of His creation that surrounds me.  It takes me deeper into His purpose for my life, it inspires me with a passion and wonder that I am ashamed for all of the days that I do only what I need to do to survive the day, to exist. 

I cannot wait until her first book comes, I have no idea if she will ever write one, but it would be amazingly awesome if she did.  If you have never stopped by her blog, that I encourage you to please go read today's post.

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