Friday, May 31, 2013

Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday



Imagine what that first word is going to sound like.

Imagine what that first breath of forever will feel like.

Imagine what His touch will feel like.

Imagine what His voice will sound like as it rolls over you in waves. 

Imagine what it will be like to have Him speak and all else is silenced.  All of that fear you've packed around and carried for years.  All of the regrets just dropping off of you like rain drops being flung by a windshield wiper.  All of the suffering you have seen, heard about, thought about, worried about...gone.  In the blink of an eye it is all gone.  Imagine what perfection looks like, feels like, sounds like, tastes like, smells like.  Imagine the beauty that will engulf us each moment of every day.

Imagine that.

Hold to that.

*This is what we have to look forward to! 


*Heaven being even more than we can imagine, so even better than our best thoughts.


  1. Makes me think of the song, "I Can Only Imagine" by Mercy Me!

  2. Yes, our hope of the day when we will all be home with our Heavenly Father makes this cruel world more bearable for we know that it will not last forever. Yet, I don't think our minds are even able to begin to imagine the wonder, goodness and beauty of our King.
    Happy FMF