Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hello Mornings!

Well the past month is a blur.  It has been hard, unrelenting, and at times overwhelming.  But today, today is a new day, a day that God created.  I hear the birds singing gloriously in our backyard, see the golden rays of a fresh new sun bathe the green leaves in a iridescence shimmering with promise, and taste the warm, smooth brew of my coffee each sip I take.

This morning I am reading a short book by R.C. Sproul.  There are several for free on Kindle right now.  This quote caught my attention so I made a post-it note and would attempt to keep it before my eyes today.

"You have to live not by your feelings, but by His truth."  R.C. Sproul

So today, today I will seek to live not by my feelings, but by His truth.  I feel overwhelmed, His truth says that He is my shield, my strength.  I feel like this journey is too hard, He says He made this day, He created this path, He will guide me and direct me.  I don't understand why something happens or what caused it to go wrong, He reminds me to trust Him with all of my heart and to not lean on my own understanding. 

Hello Mornings!  What a gift it is to be at home today and not in another hospital room, pacing, waiting for test results or doctors to round.  But here, at my table, with His Word at my finger tips, His presence surrounding me, His gifts overflowing.

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