Thursday, June 27, 2013

my count down...

I have a count down going on.  Sixty-five more days until September the first.  A lot of things I like happen in September.  The cusp of fall is within reach.  The new Barbie movie comes out.  My birthday.  You can finally start to see pumpkin pies at the store again.  New fall coffees are out.  I LOVE FALL.  Seriously love fall.  But I found myself thinking how could I make these next sixty five days the very best sixty five days I have ever had?  After all they will be the ONLY sixty five days that I have when my husband and I will be the exact ages we are now and our kids will be at the stages they are at now.  Never again will  the last few days of June, and the entirety of July and August 2013 roll around again. 

How do I treasure the days when all I want to do is rush through them headlong into something else?  Well today I am going to play "Sorry" with my oldest, my little pet shop with my middle child, and pretend to be a wild horse being rounded up on the prairie with my youngest.  I am going to read aloud to them, not just pop in that audio book from the library.  I will savor each moment, glancing up from the page into their shiny eyes to watch them absorb the story.  I will pray with them.  I will pray for them.  I will leave my husband a note that tells him how much I love him and how much I appreciate his repeated trips to the pharmacy, store, and all of the little errands he goes on for me.  I will take a moment to breathe in and out when I let my doggie out, listening for all of the sounds of though it may be.  I will savor this cup of coffee and the last few bites of my morning bar. 

I will, in short, try to be present and soak up each moment. 

Even the hard ones.

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