Friday, June 7, 2013

To My Sweet Husband,

This next week we will celebrate THIRTEEN years of marriage.  Thirteen years of love, of friendship, of tears, of smiles, of arguments over the DUMBEST things ever *cringe*, of side pinching laughter, of talking, of listening, of loving, of forgiving, of easy breezy days, of hard days that are so difficult and so stressful that it feels like we will crumple under the load. 

I love you forever, I really, really like fact it is safe to say you are my very favorite person. 

You have given me three beautiful children, countless amazing cups of coffee (my love language), and the gift of your presence in every day moments. 

I love your eyes, your hair, your scruffy beard, the sound of your voice can calm and quiet me like no one else's, your ability to see the best in everything and everyone, your patience, your kindness, your encouragement, your hard work ethic, your silliness, your ability to take me in stride :), your short everything that makes you, you. 

You are incredible and together we are great.  Your strengths cover my weaknesses and I pray mine do that for you.  I could not be the woman I am without you, the wife I am without you, and I for sure and for certain could never be the mom that I am without you. 

I love you!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. What a wonderful tribute to your husband. I can't say all of that about him, but I sure can say that I love him and am proud that he's my nephew!! Happy birthday, Richard!