Friday, August 9, 2013

One Of Those Weeks...

You know the kind where your husband comes home for lunch and then goes to go back to work and out of nowhere the car won't turn over.  The battery (I think) is fine, it could be the starter...again.  Who knows?

Then you are serving pizza and one of your children reaches forward at the EXACT moment that hot cheese slides off and it burns her hand.  You feel like the worst mom in the world because everything you try seems to make it hurt more so you dig out a can of sprite and make a bowl of ice water and soak her hand while she eats her piece of pizza with dried tears on her cheek. 

I still have random moments of dizziness, I have overslept every single morning this week, and have yet to be able to complete a to-do list that I have made.  My dog desperately needs a bath (bless his heart), I need to make a menu so we don't get to five o'clock and scramble around trying to throw something together for dinner, and has just been one of those weeks. 

SO glad it is Friday!

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