Monday, September 9, 2013


Some days, that inevitably seem to lead into weeks, are hard in our home.  Watching someone you love struggle with something that is out of their control is, well there isn't really a good way to describe it.  I guess the best analogy I can think of is to say you are walking on a rug and someone, without warning, rips it clear out from under you.   

However the one thing I have learned is that instead of smacking the floor really hard, I find that there is grace under that rug to cushion the fall.  It makes my struggle with worry seem even more ridiculous because God has never, not once, no matter how hard the fall, no matter how unexpected the jerking of the rug has been, He has never failed to meet us right where we are.  He shows up in the most unexpected of ways.  Or maybe He was already there and it took something to jerk me out of my stupor to recognize His presence? 

I am going to start Bible in 90 days again on September 16th.  There is a person hosting it, Carrie on her blog 'Carrie's heart' and you can sign up here.  Start in Genesis and read all the way through to Revelation.  How will He reveal Himself to you?  What will you learn?  Anything you thought was true, but in fact wasn't?  Can you see how He promises the gift of the Messiah from the very beginning?  See how the second half of the book not only hinges from the first, but the New only stands because of the Old?  It is an awesome journey!!  If at all possible, please come and join in!

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