Sunday, September 1, 2013

this coming week

* I hope to take pictures of our school room, my kids were all sick last week and it was rough

* I am going to start blogging through the Love Dare for Parents (edited to add)
From the first moment I read The Love Dare, I really, really wanted it to come out for parents.  I love the idea behind the movie Fire Proof, even more so the book, The Love Dare.  So a few weeks ago when I saw the book I begged my husband to let me order it, he did and wow.  It is awesome.  I had planned to blog through it, but quickly decided I would keep a private journal as I go through it instead.  I cannot recommend this book enough, for any parent, no matter the age of your matter how broken the relationship(s). 

* We are back at school after having some sick days last week, we had a good flow going, hoping to tap back into that rhythm

* Is Rosh Hashanah and we are excited

* What's on the schedule for you?

On a side note, I just finished two things - one the tea cup novellas by Diane Moody, she has become one of my very favorite authors, which reminds me the newest book in a four part series (seasons of the heart) by Charlotte Hubbard is released this week and I literally just (about an hour ago) finished reading Heaven Hears by Lindy Boone...awesome book. 

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