Friday, October 11, 2013



I am an ordinary 37 year old mom who happens to homeschool.  I am average height, average hair color, average in every single way. 

And that used to really bother me.  Training to become a ballet dancer is rigorous, competitive, and cut throat.  The worst thing in the world to a young girl aspiring to be a great ballerina is to be told that she is simply ordinary, nothing special, nothing that would make someone sit up and take notice.  That means the dreams she holds in her heart of dancing Sugar Plum fairy in the Nutcracker and Odette in Swan Lake will either take place in one of three ways.  As she sleeps, in her living room floor with her family or her stuffed animals roped in to be her audience, or across a page as her pen tells the story she wished she'd lived.

This hope, these dreams kept me at odds with God for a long, long time.  I wanted so badly to look a certain way, to have been shaped and formed so that I could catch an artistic director's eye.  There seemed to be more than enough ordinary going around. 

Fast forward twelve years since I last entered a ballet studio to take class, ten years since I last slipped on a pair of pointe shoes, and eight years since I pulled on leotard and tights.  I have discovered something I wished I had grasped with both hands all those years ago, all those auditions when I sat weeping with disappointment.  I am ordinary because that is how God best saw to form me.

Why does the clay pot say to the potter 'why did you form me this way?' 

Hello, my name is Sunshine.  I am an ordinary 37 year old mom who happens to homeschool.  However, I am loved and was created by the most extraordinary, holy, awesome God. 


  1. Hi Sunshine! I loved your entry, and connected the moment you started talking about dance. I am 36 years old, and I happen not to homeschool because my kids love school so much! Once my now 7-year old daughter started dancing at the studio I used to play piano for, I've been accompanying dance classes again, and it holds my heart! I challenge you to pull on that leotard and show your kids what you can do!

  2. Amen! You were created beautifully and wonderfully! Thank you for sharing on FMF!

  3. Hey Sunshine! I'm sooo glad you're not at odds with God any more :) Thank you for sharing your soul. It's funny how we (all the writers at FMF) say we are "ordinary", but the truth is we are doing and living extraordinary lives just by merely serving God through our writing! Also, I'm like Dorothy - I challenge you to slip back into those tights and leotards and dance just because you love to ballet!.. I'm 47 and I've been doing adult ballet for the last three years! I refuse to do a recital - I just enjoy the dance :) Stay encouraged! Peace & Blessings :) Dena @

  4. Thank you for the sweet comments and the encouragement!!!!!!!!! Sunshine