Monday, November 25, 2013

Random Tidbits

Well I went to the cardiologist and as far as he can tell my heart looks healthy and normal - PRAISE GOD!  I have PVC's - which are normal and happen to almost everyone.  I am not sure why they flare up at certain times, but I have noticed that if I fail to drink 8 glasses of water every day that they are a lot more noticeable.  I am just SO SO relieved everything is ok :).

I had an MRI on my knee this past Friday and tomorrow I go to find out the extent of the damage and whether I need surgery or not.  It hurts today, I have been able to hobble around on it, mostly without having to use the crutches...but today it hurts to put weight on it again.  I haven't been able to fully straighten it or bend it for almost two weeks I am thinking his guess that I tore or flipped my meniscus is correct.

I  am on day 71 of Bible in 90 days!  I will actually finish (if I stay on target) on day 88, the two extra days are grace days in case you get God willing I have a little under three weeks to complete the challenge.

I have a reading list I am getting prepped for the New Year.  I have a list of books I really, really want to read, but I keep putting it off until "tomorrow" and "tomorrow" never seems to arrive.  So I am going to have to make it a goal with a specific completion date planned in order to accomplish it.  Speaking of reading, one of my very favorite authors, Diane Moody, just published her Tea Cup Novella # 5 which completes her series.  If you have never read one of Diane Moody's books I HIGHLY recommend them.  My favorites books of hers are Blue Christmas, Tea Cup Novellas, and Of Windmills and War.

Happy Thanksgiving!  We are having some sweet friends over on Thanksgiving Day and I am excited for it.  I cannot believe 2013 is winding down.  This year has, for the most part, been a big awful blur.  I can honestly say I am looking forward with hope-filled eyes to a much better year in 2014! 

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