Monday, December 9, 2013

Random Monday Musings

1) Have found a new amazingly awesome author.  Amy Harmon.  WOW!.

2) We are listening to Henry Huggins for quiet time today. Can I just say that makes me ALL kinds of happy?

3) I have discovered a caffeine free herbal "coffee" that I like :).  Teeccino Maya Chocolate

4) Have read about or heard so many heartbreaking stories recently, it makes me so very sad.

5) I am days away from completing my Bible in 90 Days!  It has been SO neat.

6) Thought I had settled on my 2014 Word of the Year, but now I am rethinking it.  There is SO much I want to grasp and know.  SO much I want to conquer and change.  SO much I dream of and want to chase after.

7) I wrote a book last year.  This year I am working on Book Two.  I have spent almost a year trying to narrow down and refine what I want it to be about, I know my characters, but have not been able to get their story out onto paper...well this past month or so I have been able to finally get it off the ground.  I love to write, am so thankful for the gift of simply putting a pen to paper, it is so much fun.

8) It is hard to believe that it is the 9th of December! 

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