Thursday, January 23, 2014


It is quite cold this morning.  I padded into the kitchen and grabbed my robe a moment ago and glanced in at my doggie, he is curled up into a cute fur ball, all warm and cozy.  After staring at him for a moment, I was tempted to turn back around, pad down the hallway, and climb back into bed.  Especially since my husband is still asleep and sometime during the night our youngest joined us.  :) They are both so warm and snuggled in right now.  SO SO sweet.

I haven't gotten any closer to my weight goal :( but my knee is getting stronger every day.  Obviously, it still has some swelling in it because I still cannot squat down with my kids on the floor, or to pick something up...which is quite awkward at times :(.  I forgot last week and squatted to help my youngest with a shoe issue and the pain that ripped through my knee made me instantly nauseous.  I have lost my motivation for getting back in shape, I have done some tendus and releves  as well as trying to remember to do the exercises my PT printed off for me to do at home. But I haven't been walking regularly, which I must do if I am cleared to start running on Friday (which I am really, really hoping my doctor will do!).  I need to pick a time of day and stick to it, not leave it until the end of the day after everything else is done.

*sigh*  I guess I had better go make my decaf coffee (if I keep it to a 1 cup minimum and make it weaker than normal, the little bit of caffeine in it doesn't seem to bother me) and start Bible in 90 days for this morning...I am a little behind, but determined.  Hope you guys have an awesome Thursday!

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  1. We are definitely tiring of the extreme cold and snow here. Even reading doesn't keep me from thinking of how cold it is. Perhaps I need a book set in Aruba instead of Scotland?